Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tony's honest, gritty, self obsessed, heart on his sleeve blog - Tuesday 2nd feb 2010


Today, i got up at 6:30am and had some shreddies. This was made possible by the fact that I nipped to iceland on the way home last night and bought some milk as we'd ran out. It's £1 for a 4 pinter. This is well cheaper than any other supermarket. There's a picture of a guy on the bottle called steven cooper. He's missing. He's on every single milk bottle in iceland and has been for the past 6 months. I'm guessing he hasn't been found yet. I certainly haven't seen him.

I'd prepared some butties last night, so I got them out the fridge and put them in my bag. I had no option but to have pork luncheon meat butties as the meat was just about to go off. I couldn't bare the thought of seeing all that pork luncheon meat go to waste. Asda smart price pork luncheon meat costs about 60p for 20 slices. God only knows what's in it. Maybe it's steven cooper?

At 7am I got in my car and set off for work. I work in an office in liverpool. I'm in the office right now.

On tuesdays I always bring my footy gear with me as I play footy on the wirral at 8pm. I leave my footy gear in the car boot. After work i go straight to my mums for my tea as she lives on the wirral. This kills two wirral dwelling birds with one liverpool dwelling stone, saving a potential £2.80 in tunnel fare, not to mention petrol money. That's nearly 12 pints of steven cooper milk!

At 7:30pm, after listening to my mum talk all the way through neighbours, I put my footy gear on. At 7:40pm I wave goodbye to my mum, give her the obligatory beep and set off for the oval in bebington.

Confidence is usually high prior to the game. Usually, after 5 minutes, my confidence has been shattered by the fact that everyone else is well better at footy than me.

After the game I drive straight back to liverpool a broken man, to a house that me and my girlfriend rent. The 6 month lease is up at the end of march. We should really think about renewing this soon.

When I enter the house, the first thing I do is get a shower. Our shower isn't very powerful. I'm told that this is because our combi-boiler is at the same level as the shower. If only the combi-boiler was in the loft. This is quite literally a pipe dream.

After suffering the wrath of a sub-standard shower, I stick my PJ's on. I think Charlie Brooker's newswipe in on at 10:30pm. I'll probably watch that then go to bed.

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