Tuesday, 2 February 2010

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Tuesday 2 February 2010

This morning was not as bad as yerterday morning but I'm still feeling the
effects of Saturday night! This was also evident when I got battered by
Dave at badminton lastnight. I wake up every morning in a cold house
because although I've lived here for nearly 2 years and I've still not
taught myself to program the central heating it's like the burglar alarm I
need to work out how to set it for downstairs only for when I goto bed! I
suppose it's just me being lazy but the control panel for these things
aren't the best and I instantly give up!

Nat's car is off the road at the moment so I have to take her to work, I
don't mind doing this as it's only 5 mins away from my work, Natty has
made me dinner which is amazing because it's a nice healthy salad! She
does this because she can do her makup in the car so she has a little extra

Yippeeee It's bin day, I got the bags ready last night so all I need to do
is put them out I can't find the keys to the back gate so i just lash them
over the pall and hope that nobody is walking past!. Shirts depress me. I
bought a load of new ones last year and since I've put weight on they feel
tight! I'm on the case of fixing that problem though! I check the
downloads i set going last night and am annoyed to find that the people i
was downloading off had pretty much gone off line when i left the pc so
it;s been on all night and downloaded nothing! Soulseek is a pain for this

I drop Natty off at the hospital, the traffic is mental and it takes 10
mins to get her in, there are so many bad drivers out there I love
shouting abuse at bad drivers! some old hag trying to get out of a space.
it's like watching the sketch from austin powers! It's a joke! she's
about 70 and can't even turn her head! Maybe I'm being sly but I don't
think she should be allowed on the road! I also hate it when people drive
2 slow on the motorway! there should be a minimum speed to 60.

I get to work at 9:20 and it's still raining! I goto clock in and find
that i'm missing my wallet! great! Can't clock in!! I don;t know why I
clock in anyway! I'm salary!! idiots!!! Oh it's that time again 10:15
time for a poo! everyday I like the fact that I have a turd timetable! Ok
I'm back, hmm that was a bit runny for my liking! I don't feel ill but I
probably should based on that deposit!

Hours pass slowly I'm working on 3 databases at the moment, I try and
spend an hour at a time on each also replying to e-mail from my mates and
also checking for deals on hotukdeals website. If it wasn;t for these 2
things I think my working life would be 100000 times worse than it is!!

Everytime I Look out the window in my office I wonder if it's ever going
to stop raining, I again have planned to go for a run tonight even if it's
only once round the park, it's better than not going! but i'll have swim
some of it at this rate..

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