Friday, 5 February 2010

Ste's Email Lad rap

The Lads Rap - It's a bit shit i know!

The E-mail Lads are hard as hell
Graham ,Tee , Ste Dave Aswell
Watch our lips, and we will spell
'cause we don't just play, but we can mail as well

The e-mail lads.
The e-mail lads

My idea was to send e-mails and blogs into a bastion of invincibility...
Gates had that idea he'd have conquered the bloody world
Type on... type on... with puns... in your heart... and you'll never e-mail

Alright Steve’o
Sound as a pound
I'm cushty la but my blog page is down
The rest of the lads ain't got this issue
I’ll have get them to post them for us
Well I'm typing now, I'm mailing for fun

I'm your Spoons, the number one
You can take the mick, coz I suck my thumb
Any more lip and I’m mailin ur mum

Alright Toz, we're great me and you
But the other lads don't have full internet like we do
No they don't type like we do, do they kidda
We'll have to teach em to send e-mails propah
Type on... type on... with mails... in your inbox... and you'll ne... ver
get bored in work

U 3 e-lads are always joking
I'm gonna show you some serious punning
I come from Duke St, my name is MaddyNeds
When I do my blogs the net goes bananas
How's he doing the E-mail lads rap?
He's from just south of the China Arch
He gives us stick about out restricted company internet policy’s
'cause he’s got full access!
Yeah, but we got the Lads

Well I came to work looking to get paid
So come on Keenan man, give us a e-mail
'cause I'm sat at me desk paying your mail will get me out the blues
I'm very big down under, but my wife disagrees
She’s had John Terry’s, but then who hasn’t
They got more e-mail than all us put together
No-one knows quite what to expect
When the e-mail machine's in full effect
Well us 4 lads sure can rap
It's about time we had a displinary for it
So come on managers, see if you can
'cause if anyone can, Bigley can
Bigley-can... Bigley-can... Bigley-can... Bigley-can...

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