Friday, 12 February 2010

Maddyneds08 vs Specsavers

The ongoing maddyneds08 vs specsavers contact lense department continues...

I went to my contact lense appointment at 12.50. I went up to the desk and told them I had an appointment for a contact lense test. The girl said "ok take a seat" so i sat down. There was a specsavers magazine with vic reeves on the front so i had a look at that. Some nice frames in there. Then the girl said "where you told not to wear your lenses" and i was like "sorry?" and she said again " were you told not to wear your lenses?" and bearing in mind i was wearing my glasses i said "im not wearing my lenses". She then said " you should have been told to wear your lenses". So i think her original question was meant to be " didnt anyone tell you to wear your lenses to the appointment?". I tried to make some sort of gesture which summed up the fact that her original question had in fact sounded like "didnt anyone tell you not to wear lenses?" but she didnt seem to get it.

She didnt say anything so i was just like erm ok. So i just went back to the magazine. Then she said "so do you want to have a contact lense test then buy lenses" so i was like "YES!". Then she just went off. At this point i wasnt sure what was going on. Was i allowed to go to the contact lense appointment without wearing contacts or what? She just didnt bother to fill me in on what was happening. I hate that. So i just sat there not really sure.

After about 5 minutes i was called into the appointment. So obviously the whole thing about having to wear lenses is a joke. I sat down in the chair and the optician said, "so what do you want from us today?" I was like "erm i dont really know what you mean your staff told me I have to come to this appointment to buy new lenses, so i guess yeah i want you to test my eyes then i want to buy new lenses" Then she was like "im afraid theres no way round it im sorry i have to test your eyes before you can buy lenses" and i was like " YEAH I KNOW ITS FINE! I JUST WANT TO GET ON WITH IT". I really was getting annoyed.

So then she put some dye in my eyes and set the corneas hadnt been damaged so i could get the same lenses again. Then she said "unfortunately your next eye test is due in june so you can only buy new lenses until may at which point you will have to have another lense test at the same time as your new eye test so you will have to pay another 20 pound for the lense test" By this point the multilayered procedural rules of specsavers' contact lense department were starting to annoy me so i just said ok.

Then she said " what your best off doing is buying a massive amount of lenses now and then you can delay the next one if you dont really want your eyes testing in june". So i said"well i just want 30 lenses, i play footy twice a week so thats 15 weeks worth, should be fine"

She said ok" no problem im happy to allow you to get lenses". I have no idea why its such a big deal!! So i just said "thanks." She said "it will be 20 pound for your appointment here today which i have just done and 20 pound for 30 lenses but if you buy sixty lenses for x amount we will waive the original fee..." i just zoned out.

I said no i will just pay 30 lenses and pay for this appointment.

I went outside to pay. The girl on the til said "thats 20 pounds please". I had no idea what was going on i had 40 pounds in my hand and she said it 20. So i just gave her 20 and left. Have i robbed specsavers or did the original woman just make a mistake? I have no idea. All i know is that i have 30 contact lenses but it took about a week to get it sorted.

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  1. "where you told not to wear your lenses"