Tuesday, 16 February 2010

sports soccer

I worked in sports soccer for half a shift after i dropped out of uni
in first year. worst day of my life. turned up at 8 am and had to go round
the back entrance in speke retail park. got searched by security. got
told to just sort out tee shirts on the shop floor and did that for
four hours. got told to go on my lunch. got searched on the way out.
went to mcdonalds. questioned the real value of the job seeing as it was 3.20 an hour or something. decided to jib it off and went home.

The irony is that now i think that sports soccer is amazing. I love going in there and just taking it all in. You can get loads of stuff and its cheap. The staff in there always seem pretty upset to be there and i take heart in the fact that ive experienced their pain for four hours of my life. Im always that little bit nicer to them. Last time i was in there the bird pumped up my ball for me...that experience led a pretty funny email about my trip to sports soccer but ive lost it. maybe one of the email lads has it saved. who knows? how excited you must be at the prospect of reading it!

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