Friday, 26 March 2010

Update ATP pictures

Here is an updated picture of the email lads at ATP

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


The email lads are off to ATP in May but sod the bands its all about the slides. Here is a little preview of what its going to be like (no pics of david were available!)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Email Lads

Tryin to get the email lads back together after what has been a bit of a barren patch. We have our first date with mystery girl sometime in June so we have to prepare for that. Weve taken a few knocks in recent weeks, email lad football form has gone right out the window, liverpool havent been playing too well, graeme took ill ...all of this has been pretty hard on email lad morale.

Bank holiday weekend is coming up and graeme and his bird are goin out on the razzle dazzle on the friday night. Graeme is gonna ask the other email lads and their respective birds to also come out on the old saucy pops and that will resurrect the email lads.


Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I spinned the coffee cup once, twice...
It fell on on fate.
The lives we lead are intertwined
Encased in the bonds of time
Achilees separates man from bone
The call of mothers and children running home
The lives we lead are intertwined
Yet in the end fate is blind

St Patricks Day

Its st patricks day today. In liverpool everyone goes off their head. Loads of them are middle class students with that really annoying generic southern accent. They all wear guiness hats and get drunk. I'm neither for or against ireland but i think that st paddys day is a triumph for the guiness P.R. department. Or is it diageo that own the guiness brand. either or its a marketing shit storm

Open letter to mystery girl

Dear mystery girl,

Are you fit? Do you fancy goin on a date with 4 lads?

Yours sincerely

The email lads

P.S. graeme is pretty sure you are steph from Umlaut/Bristol. If you are then we will still treat you to a night on tiles email lads style

Friday, 12 March 2010


Marc Jacobs has really been at the forefront of the pastel revolution for this fall and spring. Check out his collection here.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2010

What can I say? Ralph Lauren has stepped out of the Hamptons and into the street with threads that would look great on Kanye AND Barack.


These Tom Ford frames are hot. His recent fashion fodder of a movie, A Single Man, means wearing anything from his collection will see you take great strides towards the young urban gentleman you want to be. But I say take care of the frames and the rest will take care of itself!

Alexa Chung For Madewell

I dont know about you but i absolute adore the new Madewell collection by Alexa Chung.

Boy has her time in New York with Alex done helped her hone her skills and produce this collection of Brooklyn Boho-Chic.

Support this lovely lady, buy buy buy...and maybe bag yourself a superstar boyfriend to boot.

Homage to Chick Young

The email lads assess their recent football perforamnce in the style of Chick Young:

The Good:
"When the email lads are on song sweet music flows from their boots like a chorus from the mouths of babes. On a night when anything could happen, everything did. The email lads threw caution to the wind and produced a display of brilliant, free flowing football aspired to by
many but produced by few. They had toiled at the coal face of style for too long to get so close and fail. And fail they did not. On a night when the wind blew like the roar of a dragon, the email lads put out its firey breath with aplomb. One question remains. The pancake is smoothed and greased but will they toss it? I for one will not be waiting to find out."

The Bad:
"But for every majestic pass and graceful passing phase, there are traitorous miscontrols and defensive chasms waiting to pounce like an enraged lioness. For there are nights when the email lads are not on song, and their harmonies clash and their timing is flawed. They will continue to play, like a cornered bulldog fighting for its life, but to no avail and they will lose. They suffer the added indignity of juvenile cat calls from the opposition, but they hold their head up high, as they know fickle lady luck will be back with them soon. Their harmonies and timing will be in unison again, I have no doubt of this."

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Milk: went out for a pint of it the other day...what the hell's goin on there? The price of it?!

Trains: me bird got charged 20 nicker on the train the other day. She'd bought a ticket the night before but the woman gave her a ticket for that day rather than the next one! SLAMMED!

Footy: liverpool arent doing so well this season its a shame after last years brilliant season. BENITEZ OUT!

The Coach

The email lads are off to ATP 14-17 May this year. The festival is being curated by Pavement and should be a laugh riot.

The aim was to book a coach so that people wouldnt have to drive. I dont drive but i feel sorry for people who have to drive back from ATP on the Monday coz it reduces their ability to party on the sunday night. So I looked into it. I've got quotes coming out my butt but unfortunately we couldnt get people to commit. I went to book my coach first and got a 24 seat coach with driver there and back for 68 quid each. Way too much and i agree....did a bit of digging and spoke maghull coaches who would give a 24 seat coach for 57 quid...problem by this stage was that a few had dropped out/booked trains so we only really needed a 16 seater. Then travelforceuk came in with a mammoth offer of 50 quid each for 16 people with ipod dock and kareoke on the minibus! IMAGINE!

Unfortunately noone was into it! I am gutted...I emailed the guy from travel force to let him know the bad news:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Graeme Murray
Date: Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 11:43 AM
Subject: Re: Quote
To: Travel Force

no sorry its all over mate. Its all fallen through i'm gutted but the
mini bus thing just aint going to happen. Would have been boss as well
all pilin' in a minibus and gettin the tunes on.



So now...the coach is near...we've travelled each and every highway...I WISH! The coach isnt near and we wont be travelling anywhere on a coach.

So i'm at a loose end ...i might be getting a lift but i dont know, my friend rebecca has booked her train and i tried to book it but it was sold out...i might just book a train and go alone otherwise all the cheap tickets will anyone who reads this blog (LOL) going to ATP?