Tuesday, 2 February 2010

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Tuesday 2 February 2010

It's been a long time since my last blog. Theres been a lot going on
in my life, some of you may be aware of all the problems, some may
not, needless to say i've been through the mill these past few weeks.
I wont go into it here but its been difficult. I shouldnt really talk
about it here but its been really hard.

This morning I skipped breakfast and chose instead to update my Ipod
as I have downloaded approximately one hundred and sixty songs last
night. It took quite a while to upload so I untied my shoelaces during
this time, usually I just force my feet into the shoes but I saw the
oppurtunity for a new experience and took it feet first.

I set off for work and listened to some of the newly downloaded music
on said Ipod. The band I listened to is called Midlake. Very very
poignant stuff which had me thinking of times gone by and generally
pretending to have feelings.

I arrived at work at 9.30. Slightly late I admit but I am on flexi
time. I dont really know what this means as everyone in the office is
about 15 hours down on their hours and noone seems to care. Monkey see
monkey do and all that.

At 11.50 I had to leave the office for some lunch because I failed to
eat breakfast and the knock on effects of this were devastating. I ate
at the hole in the wall cafe and chose a chicken roll with salad and a
small portion of chips. I washed down this lovely meal with an ice
cold can of 7-up.

I am now back at the office writing my blog. I usually sit down in the
chair and type onto the keyboard various words that eventually form
sentences that form paragraphs that culminate in this blog.

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