Friday, 12 February 2010

Nacho heaven, bib hell

TK Email Lad

Last night was nacho night. It was boss! Me bird went to home bargains
on her dinner and bought a bag of blag doritos and some salsa. She had
previously bought a tin of Gillian Mckeiths refried beans a couple of
weeks back. We also had a turkey breast knockin around in the fridge
that needed using up. We already had cheese, so all that was left to buy
was sour cream.

We swung by penny lane retail park on the way home. First off we went to
iceland to get milk, eggs, yoghurts, green beans, a pizza and juice. I
like iceland cos practically everything is a quid or 2 quid. There's no
fannying about with coppers. We bought six items and it cost 6 quid. See
what I mean?

You may remember in my last blog that I made reference to steven cooper
who has appeared 'missing' on the iceland milk bottle for the past 6
months. Well, just days after writing that blog, his face suddenly
disappeared off the bottles. He hasn't even been replaced by some other
missing mad ed. They've just jibbed off the whole 'have you seen this
fella?' milk bottle vibe and opted for the standard 'this is a bottle of
milk and nothing else' deal. I'm assuming that this means steven
cooper's festering corpse has been found.

I came up with the awesome idea of accompanying the nachos with a
tortilla wrap. Me bird originally planned to lash the cut up turkey
breast in with the nachos, but I put it to her that this would mean our
tea would consist of us sharing what would essentially be a plate of
crisps with knobs on. For some reason this didn't sit well with me.
Although the nachos would be amazin and take a plate of crisps to a
whole new level, I thought the addition of a tortilla wrap featuring
said turkey would make it more of a meal.

[Interesting side note; we tend to buy turkey and not chicken because
turkey is generally well cheaper. Plus, it's mega cheap in netto. In my
opinion, once it's covered in sauces and stuff, it pretty much tastes
the same as chicken anyway.]

Suffice to say, nacho night was a roaring success. With hindsight, maybe
we didn't need the tortilla wraps as the nachos themselves were mega
filling. Afterwards, we stumbled to the couch and continued to watch
neighbours, which is becoming more and more surreal with every episode.

The neighbours end credits is my cue to get ready for Thursday night
footy. Thursday night footy features ste, dave & graeme of the email
lads fame. Today, email lad ste expressed via email that he wasn't happy
with the teams picked by email lad graeme. He didn't think it would be a
good game. I am always of the opinion that the team with the right
attitude is always victorious.

As I entered the picton car park in my car, I suddenly realised that I'd
forgotten the bibs. I was in disbelief as I'm generally very good when
it comes to remembering things like bibs. Bibs are essential to any game
of 5 a side in my opinion. A game without bibs turns in to a farce
pretty quickly. It was 19:52. The game started at 20:00. I had to make a
decision. If I go back home now, I'd probably make it back for 20:05. I
decided that a 55 minute game with bibs was better than a 60 minute game
without bibs. I made the sacrifice and put my foot down.

I've never driven so fast in all my life, except for every single time
I've ever been on a motorway. As I drove I thought about how foolish I'd
been to forget the bibs, especially as dan had phoned me moments before
I left to ask me to bring the bibs. It was 19:57 when I got back home. I
was knocking on the door like a mad man. Me bird took what seemed like a
lifetime to answer but what was in actual fact more like 45 seconds. But
still, it was time I didn't have. After grabbing the bibs in a frenzy, I
got back in the car, checked the mirrors, indicated, then floored it
back to picton.

As I approached the footy cages, I gasped in horror as there appeared to
be nowhere to park. This feeling of impending doom was swiftly followed
by a wave of relief as, on second look, there was clearly a place to
park. Bibs in hand, I raced towards the cage, expecting to see that the
game had already kicked off. It was 20:03. Imagine my surprise when I
saw that the players from the previous game were just exiting the pitch.
I was on time, just. As I got the bibs out of the bag, I felt that my
decision to go back home had been vindicated.

During the game, and as a direct result of my decision to go back for
the bibs, I made an incisive pass.....straight to Dan, a player on the
opposing team! Dan was quite far away, wearing dark blue top under the
red bib. I passed it straight to feet, thinking it was hooper, who was
wearing the barcelona home shirt (red and dark blue stripes). A
combination of my rubbish eyesight and the bibs was to blame. This error
of judgement was made more shocking by the fact that hooper was in goal
for our team at the time. What he would have been doing on the edge of
our opponents box, I don't know. Lol, the lads.

The team me and email lad ste were on ended up winning by a short
margain. We fought to the bitter end and proved that old saying to be
correct. "You can do it (if you) put your back in to it" - ice cube.

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