Tuesday, 2 February 2010

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Today I woke up at quarter to 8. I'm supposed to be in work at 8 so
decided I had loads of time and went back to sleep. Woke up at 7:59
and decided I best get up because on average it takes 10 minutes to
get to work, which is exactly ten times the amount of time I had. I
eventually got into work at 8:18 to be greeted with a look of
annoyance from James Mark Mounsey. He didnt say anything though, so I
must have got away with it.

As there was no tennis to watch, this morning I perfected my score on
Desktop Tower Defense. In my opinion this is the ultimate in flash
Internet games and hope one day someones makes an Xbox Live Arcade
version of this game. I also emailed "the email lads" and did a tiny
bit of work.

I went for my lunch at quarter past 12. I tried to go at 12, but
Mounsey said I was late this morning and couldnt (shit, I didnt get
away with it). After receiving advice from the email lads as to what I
should have for my lunch, I opted for a lentel soup, bread roll, a
green apple and a blackcurrant ribena. It was nice but now i'm still

Normally on tuesday's I have a band practice. This imvolves leaving
work at 4 and getting to the practice room at 5 (I normally have a
half in the ship just before). We then wait in the room for half an
hour as Lucy is always late. We then "practice" or just sit around and
do nothing. I'm not going to be doing this today thouhg as Lucy has
just cancelled. I'll probably just go home and throw some arrows.
Darts is my newest passion, but I'm shit. When I realise this I revert
to my true passion and play Xbox all night. Then I got to bed too
late, and end up being late for work again.

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