Friday, 5 February 2010

This Blog Is Real

The email lads played footy at picton 5 a side last night.

The email lads found themselves on the same team with Stuart Monteith backing them up. He's always there at right back wanting the ball. We were up against a behemoth opposition of Sam "Walky" Walkerdine, Matt "Hooper" Hooper, Chris "The Mac" Macintosh and Heany "The Heany" Heany.

Before the match we usually stand about outside the pitch and stretch or kick the ball about. Sam Walky Walkerdine was full of beans and asked me if this blog was real. Of course it real! (THIS IS LIKE WHERE WOODY ALLEN BREAKS THE FOURTH WALL OR WHATEVER AND TALKS TO THE VIEWER...THE BLOG ISNT REAL ITS JUST A METAPHOR FOR THE MUNDANE EXISTENCE OF HUMANITY). So yeah i told him of course its real.

Then we proceeded to the pitch. Sam WALKY Walkerdine kept asking questions, as i said, he was full of beans. So next he asks me what Maddyneds08 is. This opened a whole can of worms. I told him we used to do a forum called the pfas2ksite and my lewinsky (moniker) was maddyneds08. I told him i was thinking of getting MADDY NEDS 08 on my real madrid top. Sam asked me what neds where...balls? I said either tits or balls. Then i said maybe a hybrid of the two ie TALLS...then sam said BITS which i though was a lot better. I ended this discussion by saying "and thats the origin of maddyneds08" ...tony was running by and overheard this and commented that it was funny tailend of a conversation. It was funny.

The game kicked off. The email lads and stu went about 7-1 up with glorious one touch football. it was amazin. The other team fought back but we just won it by about 4 goals in the end. A great game and a great experience for the email lads and stu.

We start at 8 and finish at 9. I had left my money in stus car so i went to get it. Turns out it was in my coat pocket the whole time so i neednt have gone all the way back to the car to get it. Hilarious. Me and chris mcintosh only had fivers and steve carps was running out of change fast. I ended up paying for me and chris on the proviso that he would cover me next time. So it was all sorted out.

I got in stus car and he drove me home. We drove past all of the bike lads on the way back and waved to them through the car window.

On the way home stu was telling me a recipe for a chinese variant of patatas sounded nice. I got out of the car by china town.How ironic.

I took my socks off. I wear two pairs of sock now because my boots are pretty tight. So i took both pairs off. I also have these weird slip things that go round my shin and keep the shin pads in place so i took them off as well. I banged my footy boots to get all the mud off then went into my flat.

I had made some pasta earlier and only had a bit before footy so i had some more.

Then i played on fifa. Im not very good at it but im getting better. I play on legendary. I was barcelona manager for about 7 games including pre season. I had drawn with real madrid in the league and then won but i still got sacked. Im not the manager of exeter in league two and im doing alright. I cant seem to score but i create lots of chances. My time will come. Im glad im playing on legendary i only changed after dave spoons told me he always played on legendary so as an email lad i thought i should do the same.

After fifa i went to bed.

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