Monday, 8 February 2010


Email lad David and Emal lad ste play badminton quite a lot. We're not very good but its good exercise. Personally I find individual sports better for keeping fit because I'm selfish and not a good team player. I also dont like losing so i try really hard when I'm on my own because I cant blame anyone else. Email Lad Tony also used to play but then he went travelling. We are currently introducing To back into the badminton circle.

Most of the time we play in the ancillary hall in Garston sports centre. I like it in there because you get a room for youself. Sometimes the light is a bit shit though and you cant see the cock. They've changed the lights but it still not great. Sometimes we play in Picton as well. The hall in there is like an old school gym with green tiles. I like it in there but last time there was loads of condensation on the floor and i slipped up.

Me and ste are both members of lifestyles so we dont have to pay. though for some reason when Ste booked it online the other day it said he was going to charge him. Ste asked me to log in as him to cancel the booking as he had a meeting and didnt have time. So I did. I then logged on as myself and booked it again and I got it for free. Lifestyles are always messing up Ste's account.

A while ago, we used to play badminton every monday with some of our friends in Crosby. We used to meet half way in Walton so that our journey time would be about the same. I liked playing different players, but they'd always makes us play doubles. I dont like doubles because then it becomes a team game again (see above)

One time me and ste though we'd invest in some feather cocks. We bought two packs and it worked out at about 10 sheets each. Ste found some deal online. When we played the cocks felt weird, but when you get used to it its pretty good and fast. Unfortunately the cocks get damaged really quick and we decided it wasnt very cost effective. Also our WAGS played badminton once and robbed our cocks, damaging a few of them. We werent happy.

A typical point in badminton goes like this: Steve will hit it to me and i hit it back then steve will hit it to me again and i'll manage to hit it back, again steve'll hit it back to me and yet again i'll
hit it back but play a drop shot, steve will miss it. 1 - 0 to me. I'll then hit it to steve and he'll hit it back....

Me and Ste are playing tonight and I hope to win. We booked wednesday as well but thats because I forgot Liverpool are playing Arsenal. I'll have to cancel it. Dont worry I wont get charged.

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