Monday, 8 February 2010


On Saturday I got up at 9 am. I was playing football at 10 am. I wanted to get up a bit earlier to just get mentally and physically prepared for football. I had a bananna and some water then I got into the shower. I use soap in the shower because i dont really like shower gel. I also washed my hair. I think a lot of the people who play football dont shower before but it makes me feel refreshed and ready to play. I dont think i could ever play in the morning without having a shower first it would make me feel a bit weird. I got out of the shower and got dried then i put on my nike tee shirt. Its dead thin and prevents sweat its great. I got it in sports soccer on a day when i went a bit crazy and bought a training jacket, shin pads, a world cup 2010 ball, some of those maddy shorts and the tee shirt.

I put my real madrid top on over my t shirt then i put on the maddy shorts. I put on one pair of small socks then my footy socks then my shin pads underneath.

I put my boots in a boot bag. I dont really need a boot bag i just like the idea of it. In fact its more hassle because i have to wear another pair of trainers and carry the boot bag. But its good to keep money and phone in during football.

I met stu at 9.30 and we drove to football with the intention of booting the ball about. The pictches were locked. We stood on the grass verge and passed the ball to one another. At about 9.50 condy and heaney arrived. I though that condy was andy maton and asked if he knew what time the gates were open. It turned out it was actually condy but i still asked him the same question again. He said no. I didnt have my phone so i asked if condy did. He did but noone had the number to the picton place.

At 10 paul jone, dave spoons and a few other turned up. The guy let us in. The pitch was the middle pitch. I asked if he could open the other one in case we knocked the ball over and he said no. The pitch on the other side was being used so that wasnt a worry.

We kicked the ball about to warm up and i kicked it over the fence. I knew it was going to happen. I emasculated myself and just admitted that i wouldnt be able to climb the fence due to my lack of upper body strength. This is something im currently working on by going to the gym. Stu took the mantle and climbed the fence. AMAZING!

The game kicked off. It was really rubbish.

It turned out Paul Jones was watching the game at his new place. AMAZING! I got a lift home off gareth and got another shower. It is at this point that the shower earlier in the morning seems superfluous but i know ill keep the tradition up. When i got out the shower i couldnt see because i always take my contacts out when i get home. I asked caroline where my glasses where and she said over there. I couldnt see still. I felt around and found them on top of my record player. AMAZIN. I put my glasses on and i could see.

I got dressed, made a chicken sandwhich and then left. I got the bus to smithdown road and crossed the road. I walked towards dovedale road. I rang pauls door. He has an awesome doorbell. Its flush with the actual mechanism ie it doesnt just out its just flush with the whole door. I thought that was good and the action was amazing. The door is also amazing. The house was also amazing.

I sat on the floor because even though there was a place on the couch i though it should go to paul as it was his house. He was kind enough to offer but i refused. It was ok on the floor coz there was a box of biscuits next to me.

I had my sandwhich and also had a beer and some crisps.

The match kicked off. Also present was david spoons and tk of email lad fame, laura, leah and carney. I realised that liverpool have won their last three home games and an email lad has been present at each. If we lose against arsenal we will know why.

We beat everton.

We went to penny lane wine bar and i ordered a pint of amstel. Tony and laura had some chips and tony put brown sauce on his chips. I didnt really know what to say about that but its just a bit different isnt it.

I was torn between going home at this point or going to watch the wrestling at grahams. I opted for the wrestling. Me and simon left the pub and went to buy beers. We ran from allerton road to smithdown road and bought beers. It was a funny time running down the road for beers. Then we ran back and i bought a pizza. When we were waiting for the pizza we rolled our jeans up on one leg it wasnt even funny but it was funny.

Then we went to grahams. I watched the wrestling then after about 2 hours i realised it had been a long day. I was falling asleep. I went outside after saying bye and got a taxi home. When i got home i realised i still had a can of coke from the takeaway. It was really refreshing to drink it.

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