Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Email Lads go to the match

I went to the match on saturday it was at anfield. I wasnt supposed to be going but this lad carney slept on some birds couch and pulled out at the last minute. Incidently he also pulled out of footy that morning which put a real spanner in the works. We actually ended up getting beat by a team with one less than us though so I dont know where the spanner in the works was surely he took a spanner out the works and we put it back in because we were rubbish.

i met david by the statue of a naked man at lewises. I went to buy a hat and gloves first because it is always cold at the match.

We shared a taxi to the stadium with two guys. One of them was really loud and obnoxious. He must have been from another planet because when the taxi pulled up at he got out and paid through the window instead of paying through the little gap. The taxi was 5 quid. Me and david offered half the money but he refused. He was a big man. Why didnt he just take the money? It was weird. He told us to have a bovril on him. I got a beer instead and david got a burger. We also sampled the Cream of The Kop Ice Cream

We were sitting in the left corner of the anfield road end. It was a bit of a bad view of the left wing when we were attacking the Kop but we could see because we could stand as there was noone behind us. However there was a big drop behind us which was a bit scary. There were two very drunk men next to us who were from the south. How can you support liverpool and be from the south i dont get it. There were also two asian girls behind us who knew every word to every song. One of them had a pair of binoculars.

At half time two members of the public did a race where the dribbled the ball around sombreros and deck chairs it was rubbish. It was over in about 20 seconds and one man one. They were both crap at footy. The man one 200 pounds thomas cook vouchers which in the great scheme of things isnt an amazing prize. He will probably have to fork out more money to get a decent holiday.

We had scored just before half time and then we scored another midway through the second half. It was all a bit lacklustre in the end though.

We walked home from the game all the way to town. It didnt take very long. We bumped into a mutual friend of mine and has mate during the walk. They said they had to get on as they were late but then they just walked ten metres ahead of us for the rest of the walk. it was mental.

We ended up going to the ship and mytre for a drink then we went home.
The Greek is amazing

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