Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Coach

The email lads are off to ATP 14-17 May this year. The festival is being curated by Pavement and should be a laugh riot.

The aim was to book a coach so that people wouldnt have to drive. I dont drive but i feel sorry for people who have to drive back from ATP on the Monday coz it reduces their ability to party on the sunday night. So I looked into it. I've got quotes coming out my butt but unfortunately we couldnt get people to commit. I went to book my coach first and got a 24 seat coach with driver there and back for 68 quid each. Way too much and i agree....did a bit of digging and spoke maghull coaches who would give a 24 seat coach for 57 quid...problem by this stage was that a few had dropped out/booked trains so we only really needed a 16 seater. Then travelforceuk came in with a mammoth offer of 50 quid each for 16 people with ipod dock and kareoke on the minibus! IMAGINE!

Unfortunately noone was into it! I am gutted...I emailed the guy from travel force to let him know the bad news:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Graeme Murray
Date: Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 11:43 AM
Subject: Re: Quote
To: Travel Force

no sorry its all over mate. Its all fallen through i'm gutted but the
mini bus thing just aint going to happen. Would have been boss as well
all pilin' in a minibus and gettin the tunes on.



So now...the coach is near...we've travelled each and every highway...I WISH! The coach isnt near and we wont be travelling anywhere on a coach.

So i'm at a loose end ...i might be getting a lift but i dont know, my friend rebecca has booked her train and i tried to book it but it was sold out...i might just book a train and go alone otherwise all the cheap tickets will go...is anyone who reads this blog (LOL) going to ATP?

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